Vincent Rubinetti

composer, producer, more

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Vince is a life-long lover of all shapes and styles of music. Over the last 10+ years he has worked on video games, videos, advertisements, ensemble pieces, and a variety of other collaborations, serving as composer, producer, arranger, musician, and more. His first goal in any musical project is to create the most impactful work possible; to affect people in the same profound way that so many great works of music have affected him.


Thoughtfully and skillfully crafted pieces. Emotionally tailored. Unique and memorable.


Polished and balanced sound. Identifiable branding. For any type of media.


Sound design, arranging, mixing, consulting, direction. Drum set and percussion.

To use the 3Blue1Brown music, go here. To use my other music in your videos/projects, to commission custom music or other services, or just to talk about anything interesting, please write me a message: