The game of



A set is three cards that are

all same number OR all different numbers AND
all same fill OR all different fills AND
all same color OR all different colors AND
all same shape OR all different shapes

Find them as quickly as you can until there are none left!


different numbers, same fill, same color, same shape

different numbers, different fills, same color, same shape

same number, different fills, different colors, different shapes

different numbers, different fills, different colors, different shapes

NOT A SET - shapes are not all same or all different


The deck is 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 = 81 cards, since there are 4 properties with 3 possibilities each:
number one two three
fill hollow striped solid
color red green blue
shape rectangle oval diamond

If you pick 2 cards from the deck, there is only 1 card that forms a set with them.

If 21 or more cards from the deck are laid out, there has to be a set.