Vincent Rubinetti
composer, producer, and more
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Thoughtfully and skillfully crafted pieces. Emotionally tailored. Unique and memorable.


Polished and balanced sound. Identifiable branding. For any type of media.


Sound design, arranging, mixing, consulting, direction. Drum set and percussion.

— Credits —

Spaceboy Games, 2017, HackyZack — Music

Mike Studios, Spaceboy Games, 2017, High Noon Revolver — Music

Zack Bell Games, 2015, Ink — Music and sound design

Various other independent game and app developers, 2007 to present — Music, sound design, consultation, direction, audio design documents

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VR is a lover of music, and a composer, producer, and musician of over 10 years. He has written music for indie video games, performance ensembles, and a variety of other projects. Driven by a deep desire to create the most impactful work possible, VR is always seeking opportunities to improve his skills and best utilize his innate passion for music.

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