Vincent Rubinetti
composer, producer, and more
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Emerald Cloud Lab - trailer

Emerald Cloud Lab is an advanced remote laboratory that allows scientists to automate their experiments. Narration by Grant Sanderson.

Credits: Music, sound-mixing, 2019

Genre: Classical, hybrid electronic

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The Music of 3Blue1Brown

3Blue1Brown is a Youtube channel that produces elucidating and captivating videos about mathematical concepts, with exquisite animations and a focus on intuitive understanding.

Credits: Music, 2016 – 2020

Genre: Classical, hybrid electronic

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Minute Physics + 3Blue1Brown crossover

A collaboration video project between the popular Minute Physics and 3Blue1Brown on Bell's Theorem.

Credits: Music w/ Nathaniel Schroeder, 2017

Genre: Classical, soft-rock

Watch the Minute Physics video Watch the 3Blue1Brown video Download on Bandcamp


Spaceboy Games

Juggle balls with special properties through a gauntlet of unique precision-platforming puzzles.

Credits: Music, 2017

Genre: Nu-jazz, down-tempo

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High Noon Revolver

Mike Studios, Spaceboy Games

Blast your way across 3 layers of platforming, collecting gold and obtaining upgrades helping you go from puny to powerhouse.

Credits: Music, 2017

Genre: Hard-rock, western

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Zack Bell Games

Reveal your surroundings by splashing colorful ink in this hardcore platformer reminiscent of Super Meat Boy.

Credits: Music, sound design, 2015

Genre: Ambient electronic

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Gemstone Keeper


Navigate dangerous and mysterious caverns and collect rare gemstones to upgrade your arsenal in this retro arcade twin-stick shooter.

Credits: Music, 2017

Genre: Ambient electronic, glitch

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Remixes and Remakes

Over the years, Vince has authored a large collection of arrangements/remixes/remakes of classic video game music that have gained popularity and recognition on YouTube.

Credits: Music, 2009 – present

Genre: Various

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The Name's Kong

Harmony of Heros

A remix featured on Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash, an acclaimed fan arrangement album celebrating the music of Super Smash Bros.

Credits: Music, 2015

Genre: 70's orchestral funk

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Commanders of the Agile Skies

A nimble orchestral battle piece scored to footage of Jet Lancer by @WhyNotArtDump and @nicolaigd.

Credts: Music, 2018

Genre: Orchestral

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Voilà, Delivery Specialist

Fan music inspired by/based on a character of the same name from the art project Flair Against Time, by Fellipe Martins and Eric Huang.

Credits: Music, 2018

Genre: 70's disco funk

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An exotic and mysterious percussive orchestral musical piece based on a wonderful animation by Felix Colgrave.

Credits: Music, 2017

Genre: exotic orchestral

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Vince is a life-long lover of all shapes and styles of music. Over the last 10+ years he has worked on video games, videos, advertisements, ensemble pieces, and a variety of other collaborations, serving as composer, producer, arranger, musician, and more. His first goal in any musical project is to create the most impactful work possible; to affect people in the same profound way that so many great works of art have affected him.

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Thoughtfully and skillfully crafted pieces. Emotionally tailored. Unique and memorable.


Polished and balanced sound. Identifiable branding. For any type of media.


Sound design, arranging, mixing, consulting, direction. Drum set and percussion.

To use my music in your videos/projects, to commission custom music or other services, or just to talk about anything interesting, please write me a message:

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